25th October 2020

25th October 2020 – Wilfholme

Thankfully the weather gods had brought us a bright sunny day if a little windy for the second meet of the 2020-21 Season for Highmoor Bloodhounds.  

Three lines covered by the quarry laid down his scent for the hounds to track.  Not sure if it’s Lynx Africa but thankfully the hounds were able to track the scent well despite that wind blowing the scent around somewhat.

True to form I was provided with extensive there, there and there instructions so I had to guess which way round the usual route the quarry was likely to cover, so I wasn’t always in the right place and the right time to catch the action and I heard I duly missed out on ditches to jump whilst I was busy second guessing where quarry, hounds and pursuing fields – 3 in total, ably guided by the field masters.

Everyone seemed to return safe, sound and happy with a minority of those attending taking an early bath and escaping the activities after a couple of the lines covered. 

I probably took more images than I should have thus making my editing job a challenging task to pull out the best from this event.

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